Over 80-year old Georgian women become fashion models
14 December, 2018
Georgian designer Megi Gabunia launched an inspirational campaign #BrightenSeniors’Days. Lamara and Anjela “grannies”, as Georgians call senior women, wore the modern clothes designed by Megi Gabunia. Anjela is a mother of the designer and Lamara is a newly acquired friend of her.
Megi found Lamara crying on the street several months ago. She learned that the granny faces economic problems every day. She was deprived of the social allowance and now she finds it hard to obtain all the medicine she
needs. What’s more, her house leaks water in heavy rain. The Georgian designer decided to help her and shared the photo of the granny on her facebook page. Soon A lot of people contacted Megi and offered Lamara their support.
The Georgian designer was happy to have involved numerous people in the campaign. She then came up with the idea to do something for the granny as a designer. She offered Lamara to be a model for her fashion outfits. The granny was shy but Megi encouraged Lamara that Megi’s mother was going to join her.

Megi organized a photo session for the grannies. They had a lot of in common becoming widows at a young age. Megi was amazed by their hard work and enthusiasm to make a successful photo session. People expressed very positive reactions to granny models.
What is more important, the campaign has solved Lamara’s economic problems. Now Megi hopes her campaign will set an example and people of other occupations will follow suit. As the issue of the damaged house still requires to be dealt with, the help of ordinary people along with the government is very important. The designer is going to continue with the campaign and to organize various projects.

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