Returning from Germany to be a role model in Georgia
26 January, 2019
Tina Davadze, a young entrepreneur from Georgia, creates leather accessories in Kharagauli, Imereti (western region of Georgia). It took her a long time to come to that idea. Several years ago, Tina left Georgia to receive education in Germany. Facing an unfamiliar environment, different culture and mentality in Germany, the young entrepreneur has found particular power and faith in her. She studied Blacksmithing, working with clay and fabric restoration. And what’s more important, she has acquired a new family and friends
in Germany.
One day, Tina decided to come back to Georgia. Her goal was to arrive in Kharaguli, her native town and to build a career there. A lot of people were persuading Tina to stay in Germany, telling her that life in Georgia would be far more challenging. Despite the negative comments, Tina did not hesitate to fulfill her intention.
“I know that living in Georgia involves numerous difficulties, yet I decided to return. In Georgia, everyone tries to flee, and the acceptance of innovation is the lowest. I hope I can set a role model and motivate other Georgians to create happiness in their own hometowns.”
Currently, Tina creates leather notebooks, bags, and accessories under the brand Lashe (a name of her native town in Kharagauli). The working process starts by selecting leather. Then she turns her ideas and sketches into reality. Initially, Tina was making ordinary notebooks that she needed for sketches during her studies in Germany. Then, she happened to have a patch of leather and decided to make a leather notebook cover cover from it. Back in Georgia, Tina was certain it was something she wanted to do the rest of her life.
In Georgia, Tina joined the project "UN Women" for women’s economic empowerment. The project selected 54 women entrepreneurs from Georgia and trained them in the PR Campaign, Writing a Business Plan, Budget Management and Communications Skills. A month-long training course considerably enhanced their skills in business management. According to Tina, the program was an important challenge which helped her recognize the role she would play in the country’s economic development.
Besides, Tina loves to draw and sew. She follows a very active life in Kharaguli attending all the discussions, presentations or meetings that occur in the town. Meanwhile, she pursues a healthy lifestyle by cycling, running and doing Karate.Tina actively takes care of her garden and goes hiking on sunny days. One of her favorite hobbies is horse riding. At present, she has to borrow a horse from the neighbors, but one day Tina hopes she will have her own.
Most of her friends from the town have moved to Tbilisi, the capital. Tina has got into the habit of listening to her friends’ favorite songs believing it is the best way to keep in touch with them. Besides, she regularly listens to the German news radio making sure her second family is safe.
Thus, the inspiring young creator has turned into a role model for the town and the entire country. Breaking the stereotypes that restrict women’s engagement in social or economic development, Tina is a great motivator of people in Georgia. Tina’s commitment is especially precious for her younger sisters who will probably have to face the same challenges in years to come.

Author: Eka Kiknadze

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