BoredPanda about Jaba Chargazia: “Breaking free from routine and purchasing your dreams”
20 February, 2019
A 28-year old Jaba Chargazia attracted not only Georgians but the whole world’s attention by his extraordinary way of traveling. BoredPanda has recently published an article about the traveler saying that Jaba is the first Georgian to have traveled to 44 cities in 21 different countries by scooter. Bored Panda is a leading art, design and photography community for creative people.
“He is considered a symbol of breaking free from routine and purchasing your dreams.” – writes BoredPanda about Jaba Chargazia.

Before embarking on a trip, the Georgian traveler had experienced numerous jobs. Tired of the routine life, Jaba decided to change his life and started saving money in order to visit his dream countries one day.
His plan came to life when he bought a scooter and found a sponsor. Not a long time ago, he officially set out on his tour with the first destination to Turkey. Jaba started his tour on the 10th of February and will last for two more months. Meanwhile, Chargazia runs a Facebook page “Jaba’s Tour” updating other travelers on his impressions and plans.

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