Vazha Pshavela in London – Event dedicated to famous Georgian writer and poet
01 March, 2019
On the 1st of March London hosts an event organized by the Asian House Arts and dedicated to memory of the renowned Georgian poet and writer Vazha Pshavela. Information about the event was published on

New book about Vazha Pshavela will be presented at the event. The book is called Unveiling Vazha Pshavela and includes poems translated by Donald Rayfield OBE. “The book also includes specially commissioned works by the contemporary Georgian writer Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili, Georgian fashion designer Manana Antelidze,
and the artists Leonid Semeiko and Andro Semeiko, which gives a many-sided vision of the poet’s work” – reads the official announcement on the web-page.

Tamar Beruchashvili, Ambassador of Georgia to the UK will open the event.

“Publication of the book was made possible by the generous support from Georgian National Book Center and Arts Council England” – says the official statement.

On photos: Exterior and interior of Vazha Pshavela’s house in Georgia, Chargali


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