Lollipops with a note “Stop Russia” – 11-year older entrepreneur from Gori
01 March, 2019
A11-year-old Giorgi Sheshaberidze owns a successful homemade lollipop business in Gori (a city in eastern Georgia). Giorgi named his business after his younger sister Dora believing that the future belongs to children and next generation. The idea of creating “Dora” came to him after watching a tutorial video for homemade lollipops on Youtube a year ago. Giorgi thought making lollipops would be a good way to help the family as his parents were jobless at that time. He gathered old molds
found in the cellar and gave it a try.
At first, Giorgi brought his homemade lollipops to the local shop. Luckily, they were successfully sold and soon, he was able to widen his business. The little businessman bought new molds of various shapes and started to bring his product into different villages. Each day he was doubling the profit so did the quality of his business.
Meanwhile, Giorgi studied woodworking, Gypsum and clay work through the tutorial videos. Now he creates storage boxes for the lollipops decorated with beautiful ornaments as well as accepts private commissions.
One day when Giorgi brought the lollipops to Khurvaleti, he saw the barbed wire splitting Tskhinvali from the rest of the country. He came up to the idea to include a note “Stop Russia” on the package. Thus, he joined the campaign against Russia’s Borderization in Georgia. In the near future, he plans to bring the lollipops to the Russian soldiers patrolling the line to remind them that they are standing on the Georgian territory.
Giorgi goes to school in the morning, does his homework in the afternoon and then, molds about 700 lollipops every day. Now he can afford to pay utility payments by the income and help his parents. The young entrepreneur aims to set up a lollipop company in the future and employ people with disabilities. Moreover, Giorgi is working on another interesting business – he is going to bake and sell tiny breads shaped in different cartoon characters exclusively for children.

Source: Giorgi Sheshaberidze's homemade lollipop business

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