Georgian actress Vika Kalandia to appear in a new TV show by Netflix
03 April, 2019
Georgian actress Vika Kalandia will appear in a new TV show on Netflix. The film is directed by a famous British director Peter Webber. According to the Georgian actor and TV presenter Bakhva Bregvadze, Vika Kalandia will play a small acting part in the TV series. The film is about a Georgian boy who is kidnapped and taken to Cairo, Egypt as a Mamluk.
Vika Kalandia in a new TV show by Peter Webber, Photo courtesy:

Vika Kalandia is a
famous Georgian actress best known for her role in a popular Georgian TV show My Wife's Girlfriends. Kalandia plays a wife of the president of Georgia in the TV series.
My Wife's Girlfriends, Photo courtesy:

Peter Webber became famous for his debut feature film Girl with a Pearl Earring and Hannibal Rising. Girl with a Pearl Earring has received numerous accolades including 3 Academy Award Nominations, 2 Golden Globe Nominations, 10 BAFTA Award Nominations, etc.

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