The Couple organizing World Cycling Tour for Breast Cancer Prevention visits Georgia
30 April, 2019
Chris O’Hare and Gabriella Gratrix have been cycling the world to raise awareness and fund for the prevention of breast cancer for years. Chris had previously owned his own business in the construction sector and Gabriella owned a fancy dress costume shop and also worked as a costumier on cruise ships. Both quitted their jobs to face more important challenges in their life.

The couple organizes fundraising events in order to support charities. Chris started with small fundraising events at his
son’s primary school, raising money for a children’s orphanage out in Watamu, Kenya, called the Happy House. When he was recruiting strangers for the event to help the Happy House, Chris met Gabriella.
Then they together joined the Windmill Youth Group. Chris and Gabriella became best friends with the lady that ran the charity, Patricia Appleton, so they decided to do another cycling event. In 2016, Patricia was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and died in 2017. After Patricia’s courageous battle, Chris and Gabriella did not stop but went on their cycling and fundraising tour.

As Gabriella’s family has a high history of cancer, she decided to make an appointment at the Hospital to discuss ways of prevention. It turned out that Gabriella had DCIS (abnormal cells) in her right breast. She had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. During those hard times, the couple has been given the best care by the Nightingale Centre and Prevent Breast Cancer. As they lost their friends to cancer, Prevent Breast Cancer is a very significant charity for Chris and Gabriella.
“We are both normally extremely fit, as we both cycle long distances most days and also run, swim and do various classes at the gym, like spinning, body pump, body combat, etc, but due to Gabriella’s Cancer diagnosis at the start of the year we haven’t been able to do our usual activities, so due to it being winter in the UK we decided to live in Spain so that we are able to work on getting back to full fitness, we are currently living in Malaga, it is much easier and more enjoyable being able to train where the sun shines and there is little rain. Gabriella has to fly back to the Christie Hospital for a couple of days every 3 weeks for treatment until June next year, but that’s a small price to pay in exchange for such great weather.”
The couple is going to visit as many countries as possible. They hope their cycling tour will contribute a lot to raising awareness and funding for the prevention of breast cancer throughout the world. Currently, they are in Georgia, a small country in the Caucasus to share their experience with the locals.

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