Boy finds out about his “death” while watching TV
04 May, 2019
A photo on Facebook shows a young boy, Giorgi Badalashvili, standing in front of TV. TV shows his picture and subtitles say that the same boy has died in a tragic accident that happened yesterday, on the 3rd of May in Tbilisi.

The thing is that in the tragedy a 20 year boy jumped under the Train in one of Tbilisi undergrounds, Sarajishvili. He died instantly.

So why has the misunderstanding happened?
Photo from Facebook shows Giorgi Badalashvili in front of TV
watching news about his "death"

It appears that Giorgi Badalashvili has become an unintended victim of the so called “Fake News”. Rustavi 2, one of the TV channels in Georgia, made a mistake and used wrong photo during their news edition at 9 pm local time. Instead of photo of the deceased, they mistakenly used photo of Giorgi Badalashvili, who was watching TV at the time and found out about his “death” from TV.

Other media outlets soon spread the false photo used by the Rustavi 2 channel. This has contributed to quick proliferation of the Fake News.
Screenshot of one of the websites that used the same photo as Rustavi 2

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