Exclusive interview with Patuna Bushyhead – Georgian fashion designer in Paris
16 May, 2019
Exclusive interview with Patuna Bushyhead – Georgian fashion designer in Paris
Those who know at least a bit about the fashion industry know name of Patuna Bushyhead - Georgian fashion designer in Paris. Georgian Journal has interviewed Patuna and asked her about fashion tendencies and comparisons between Tbilisi and Paris.

You are one of the most renowned Georgian fashion designers. What would you say about fashion in Georgia?

I think Georgia has natural, incredible cultural taste. Georgia is a beautiful country and we are modern to go hand in hand with our
cultural taste. I appreciate everyone’s style in Georgia. We need more world press in Georgia because we have a lot of great designers in Georgia who lack exposure around the world because of the lack of press and because we are a tiny country. I hope someday Georgian designers will be around the world. I will appreciate so much when Georgia is recognized for her quite unusual number of incredible designers per capita.

How would you compare Georgian and European fashion tendencies?

I think Georgian and European styles are really similar because the nuanced European style and news on tendencies comes to Georgia due to our close proximity. Before Georgian and European styles included wearing a lot of black but I like that we are now wearing more colorful styles. But overall, yes, I think Georgian and European styles are quite similar.

There undoubtedly is a difference between Paris and Tbilisi in terms of fashion tendencies. Yet, does Tbilisi keep up with modern trends?

I think there is a very big difference because Paris is the heart of fashion and therefore one may see everything first in Fashion in Paris and many designers participate in these fashion shows. There in two kinds of shows including the first which is Paris couture fashion week, which is high fashion and the second is Pret-a-porter or Ready-to-Wear, which is quite different from Couture. It depends on what one is looking for. Couture is quite different from Pret-a-porter as couture is absolutely art and absolutely different whereas Paris and Georgian Pret-a-porter (Ready-to-Wear) are quite similar.

Apart from your profession you first of all represent Georgia abroad. How famous is Georgian in fashion industry?

Yes, I represent my country around the world starting in America and then the last 5 years in Paris. Which is really nice because I am from Georgia and Journalists already know that I am from Georgia and everything I do from Paris goes around the world. Before then, the journalists really didn’t know about Georgia but now Georgian fashion and Georgian designers are more known around Paris and I think I did my part too.

Do you try to keep connections with Georgia?

Of course, I am connecting with my country because I have my fashion house in Georgia. I make my dresses here in Tbilisi and I take them to shows around the world. Of course, I will never lose my connection to beautiful Georgia because this country made me and this country is one of the shining diamonds of the world. This is how I see my country so of course; Georgia will always be a part of me and I just wanted to show my creations around the world and what Georgia can do in fashion in addition to making Georgia famous. It is not only me but you can see Georgian intellectuals and talent around the world from Fashion Designers to doctors and musicians among others.

What is you approach towards your clients?

A lot of people around the world love my creations and wear my creations on the red carpet. All the people in my life are precious to me and I appreciate them regardless of how famous they are.

Anything you would like to add?

I would add a comment on taste. Classy taste comes from the inside originating from how much one reads; how much one works on oneself; and movies one watches which stabilizes ones character and makes one think differently.

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