President Zelenskiy invited Buba Kikabidze to his Inauguration
20 May, 2019
The Inauguration of incoming President Volodymyr Zelenskiy takes place in Ukraine today on the 20th of May. The president of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili is attending the inauguration. Apart from the president of Georgia, Buba Kikabidze, Georgian singer and actor, was invited to the event. According to Kikabidze’s producer Rati Abzianidze, Kikabidze had been invited to the concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Georgian church in Paris. The concert and the inauguration coincided and Kikabidze is taking part in the
concert as it had been planned earlier.

Rati Abzianidze is attending the inauguration on Kikabidze’s behalf. The Georgian artist decided to send a special bottle of cognac (bottled only 100 at his 70-year anniversary) to the president of Ukraine as a gift.
Volodymyr Zelenskiy has a particular relationship with a Georgian singer Buba Kikabidze. What’s more, the company Kvartal 95 made a documentary about the Georgian artist titled ‘A Real Georgian Legend'. According to Rati Abzianidze, the artists’ concerts in Ukraine have been organized by Zelenskiy’s company over the last three years.

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