Georgian boy teaches his American classmates Georgian anthem
29 May, 2019
One of the leading school ensembles in Ohio recently performed the national anthem of Georgia. It turned out that it was Georgian Archil Gvasalia who taught them how to sing the anthem. An 18-years-old Archil Gvasalia from Poti, a port city in Georgia, studied as a FLEX exchange student in Ohio, the USA.

According to Nona Khukhua, Gvasalia’s mother, when the classmates saw the Georgian boy performing the American National Anthem at one of the events, they decided to learn the
Georgian anthem and sing it with Archil. Nona Khukhua says that Archil spared no effort to introduce Georgia to his classmates in America through national dances and songs.
Archil Gvasalia successfully graduated from school. His mother hopes one-day Archil and his American classmates will perform the Georgian anthem on the 26th of May Georgia’s Independence Day.

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