Who are the Georgian national heroes abroad?
30 May, 2019
Who are the Georgian national heroes abroad?
There are numerous Georgians who lived outside Georgia to finally end up as heroes of the foreign countries. Georgian Journal will introduce to the heroic lives of 4 Georgians whose names have remained alive to this day.

Dimitri Amilakhvari (1906-1942) was a French military officer originated from Georgia. His contribution to the French Resistance against Nazi occupation in World War II was enormous. Dimitri Amilakhvari took part in different campaigns namely Norwegian, East African, North African campaigns against the Vichy French
forces, Italian and German forces in Libya. In 1942 he was awarded the Norwegian War Cross with Sword, Norway's highest military decoration for gallantry. Amilakhvari was one of only 66 Frenchmen awarded this decoration during the Second World War.

Ibrahim Bey (born Abram Shinjikashvili 1735 –1817) was a Mamluk and regent of Egypt originated from Martkopi, a village in Kakheti (eastern Georgia). As a child, he was abducted by Ottoman slave raiders and sold out in Egypt where he was converted to Islam and trained as a Mamluk. Due to his loyal service to Muhammad Bey Abu al-Dhahab, the Mamluk ruler of Egypt, he rose in rank and became the most influential figure in Egypt.
Pore Mosulishvili, Photo courtesy: National Parliamentary Library of Georgia

Pore Mosulishvili (1916-1944) was a Soviet soldier originated from Georgia. In 1939 the soldier was recruited in the Red Army. When the Germans invaded the Soviet Union, he fought fearlessly to be promoted to a non-commissioned officer. But in 1944 was taken as prisoner by the Wehrmacht. He was transferred to Italy with other Soviet and Czechoslovak prisoners. Surrounded by German forces, the Georgian soldier sacrificed himself to save other partisans of the Italian resistance movement. Consequently, he was awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valor and the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Ioseb Zhordania (1895-1963) is considered as the father of the science of reproductory. The legendary life story of the renowned doctor has been told by generations here in Georgia and beyond. On his way from the United States of America to Georgia, the plane he was flying crashed into the Atlantic. The distressed passengers were allowed to use their rubber life rings in compliance with their air tickets. There was a little girl aboard the airliner who was flying without a ticket and for whom there was no safety device left. It took Doctor Zhordania just a second to make the decision to give his safety belt to the little one, thus saving the young life. He himself was swallowed up momentarily by the waves of the ocean.
Ioseb Zhordania, Photo courtesy: National Parliamentary Library of Georgia

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