Georgian photographer who captures the first moments of childbirth
07 June, 2019
Nino Inadze is a first Georgian photographer who captures the very first moments of childbirth. She is a journalist and has been working as a certified photographer for 2 years now. Nino has captured happy moments of numerous weddings and school graduation parties. She is a professional birth photographer who has made the process of capturing the arrival of children an art.
The idea to become a birth photographer came to her after the birth of her own child in 2015.
At that time she was not a photographer. Nino regreted not having the professional photos of her own childbirth and decided to offer this kind of photographing to the hospital. Unfortunately, at first, no one had had the desire to have their childbirth photographed. The first person who agreed on photographing was her sister-in-law and after that, more people got interested.
Nino hopes people will put aside their complexes and will like the idea to have the first moments of their childbirth captured by a professional photographer. According to her, being a birth photographer has given her a chance to experience and share the first moments of childbirth happiness.
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