Georgian constructor builds the first electric bicycle
07 June, 2019
Georgina self-taught bicycle constructor Beka Januashvili built a first Georgian e-bike having no analogs in the world. Beka has been running his own company ‘Bekson’ in Batumi, Georgia’s seaside city. ‘Bekson’ produces bicycles of exclusive designs.

According to the constructor, he has been working on an electric bike model for about 5 months. Beka is going to reduce the duration of its production. He believes this environmentally friendly will soon attract the international public. The engine and tires were brought from
the US, while the other parts were bought in Georgia.
Beka Januashvili’s e-bike model has been awarded a special prize and a gold medal in Armenia and Belarus respectively. He hopes to export his bikes across the world.
At first, his love for bikes started with buying a scooter and redesigning it into an American chopper on his house balcony. The construction process lasted over 8 months but he was content with the result. Later, he bought a garage and special equipment. Currently, Beka has been showcasing his bikes at various local and international exhibitions.

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