Georgian businessman Levan Vasadze addresses US President Donald Trump
17 June, 2019
LGBT activists gathered at the Administration of the Government of Georgia on the 14th of June regarding the statement of the Georgian Patriarchate calling upon the state not to allow Tbilisi Pride to take place as well as to urge the officials to express their opinion about the upcoming event. Tbilisi Pride is scheduled to take place on June 18-23. A group of people against the Pride also gathered at the place. The rally grew into a verbal and physical confrontation
between the representatives of the two sides, resulting in the police detaining 28 activists.
lgbt rally 14 june 2019
One of the leaders of the counter-rally was the Georgian businessman Levan Vasadze who stated that there will be no LGBT demonstration and gay pride in Georgia. The businessman invited his supporters, men, to gather in Vera Park at 20:00 on Sunday (16th of June) and called on women and children to stay home. On Sunday Levan Vasadze introduced the action plan to the gathered people in Vera Park. He said that militia units will start patrolling in Tbilisi to prevent LGBT rights activists from holding a planned pride march.

Levan Vasadze Addresses Donald Trump

Levan Vasadze also addressed President Donald Trump by saying that the gathered people protest unacceptable pseudo-moral values upon Georgia. According to the businessman, although no one persecutes, oppresses or beats people with sexual disorientation in Georgia, people still have a strong sense of virtue and sin. Vasadze also added that they will not allow normalization, glorification, and celebration of sin. He hoped that the President will keep his promise regarding not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Besides, he asked Donald Trump to put a leash on hilarious globalists nested in the US embassy since the time of his predecessor.
‘We have nothing against the American people. Although we are dressed differently, we are pretty much the same hard-working people. What you American call conservatives, French would call traditionalists and we call ‘erovnuli’… If somebody decides to lead a sexually perverted life, that’s their choice. But if we want to be the society who has the right to say what it thinks about it, that’s our choice. And we do not let you or anyone take away the right of free speech from us.’

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Responds to Levan Vasadze’s address

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has launched an investigation into the statement of businessman Levan Vashadze. According to the Ministry, the investigation is being carried out under Paragraph I, Article 223 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, involving creation or management of an illegal formation (militia, units, detachments or other groups).

“We would like to remind the public that it is inadmissible to create, lead, or being a member of any illegal formation.

In addition, the provision of public order in the country is the function of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Consequently, any attempt to fulfill the functions of the police and other state agencies will be immediately prevented. The Ministry will have appropriate responses to violence, police disobedience and violation of the law.

All necessary investigative actions will be carried out within the frameworks of the investigation and legal assessment will be given to the actions of each alleged offender, " the Interior Ministry said.

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