Interior Ministry rejects LGBT activists’ request to hold ‘Tbilisi Pride’ - Ombudsman
17 June, 2019
A meeting has finished between the organizers of the “Pride” and the representatives of the Public Defender’s office. According to Public Defender Nino Lomjaria, the Ministry of Internal Affairs thinks that the “Pride” must not be held.

“Security issues were discussed at the meeting. The representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that the “Pride” must not be held, since it is linked with serious security risks. At the meeting we also discussed various problems and issues, concerning the LGBT
community, however, security was the major issue discussed at the meeting. As for other events, including cultural and other events, which are planned, the Ministry of Internal Affairs expressed its readiness to do everything possible to protect the security. As for the “Pride”, the Ministry representatives unambiguously declared that it would be difficult to protect the security” - Nino Lomjaria said.

Their right of the freedom of assembly remains problem. However, there is some logic to take into consideration some issues due to the security risks. But eventually, these people have to decide whether or not to hold such marches” Nino Lomjaria added.

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