Macedonian Footballer Darko Glišić shows support to Georgia
28 June, 2019
“I support Georgia and Georgia will always be in my heart…” writes Darko Glišić, a Macedonian Footballer to one of the Georgian Instagram user. At present, he plays as a left back for Arda Kardzhali in the Bulgarian First League. Earlier in 2012 and 2013, Darko Glišić was a footballer of FC Dinamo Tbilisi, Georgia playing for the Georgian Premier League and Georgian Cup.
Darko Glišić

The Macedonian footballer supports the campaign "We Together" and “Spend Your Summer in Georgia”. It was launched by
Georgian activists together with businessmen and international society in response to the ban on Russian airlines from carrying Russian citizens to Georgia from July 8. The campaign aims at popularizing Georgia as a travel destination to tackle the possible difficulties due to the decreased number of incoming Russian tourists. Besides, Russian tourists have encouraged their Georgian friends by saying that they will find other ways to reach Georgia.
Darko Glišić

The ban was followed by the cancellation of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy. The assembly was led by the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy, Sergei Gavrilov, a deputy of the Russian Duma from the Communist Party. Angered by the presence of Sergei Gavrilov in Georgia, citizens gathered at the Parliament building in Tbilisi to protest Russian occupation (20% of Georgian land is occupied by Russia) in Georgia.

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