Historic Petra fortress will host an electronic music festival
16 July, 2019
On August 10 the historic Petra fortress located in the village Thsikhidziri in Adjara will host GR –Fest - an open air electronic music festival. The event promises to provide quality underground music with a breathtaking view of the seaside. The festival organizers aim to create an unusual atmosphere for music lovers by reviving beautiful historic places of Georgia.

Petra fortress was built in the 6th century, it was one of the strategic points located at the shores of Black Sea.
Built by the Roman authority to establish power in the former kingdom of Lasica then became linking crossroad between Georgia, Iran, and Armenia. Petra fortress proudly inscribes in the Cultural Heritage of Georgia.

GR  –Fest guarantees to create extraordinary contrast between the location and the event, happy and positive environment, not to forget the energetic dance floor. In addition to the amazing location, the festival will also merge electronic music with visual art. The specific area will be dedicated to artists’ to project the paintings and other visual works.

Some of the artists showcasing at GR –Fest: KAVEl,GIORGI DEVADZE ,ORIM,ZAPA,YANAMASTE,Boyd Schidt,NEWA,FABRIZIO LAPIANA.

More information about the event:

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