Dead woman found in Tbilisi
05 September, 2019
In Tbilisi suburb called Temka dead woman is found. According to unofficial information, the fire brigade was called by the neighbors. After they put out the fire, dead woman was found. She had the injury in the head. As the police stated, the injury is caused by the sharp object. “A neighbor noticed smoke and shouted. Everyone gathered and saw that smoke was coming out of the 6th floor. We called the emergency service. The ambulance came too. Then her husband
appeared. One of their children lives abroad, the other - in Varketili suburb which came as well. It is difficult to talk about reasons of the event”, - the employee of the shop near the building Nazi Palavandishvili said.

As one of the neighbors says, the dead woman is Sima mirzoeva, 62-year-old. Later the woman’s cousin stated to the journalist that the gold jewelry disappeared from the flat. Supposedly she was killed at first and then the fire was lit to cover the tracks. Her body was taken for expertise. The investigation has already begun in respect of criminal code. The expert criminalists are working at the territory.

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