NDI: Majority of Georgians say no political party is “closest to them”
16 January, 2020
The U.S. National Democratic Institute (NDI) has today released the results of its public opinion survey. According to the survey, majority of the respondents say “no political party” is “closest to them”. The poll results show that Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia (GDDG) enjoys the strongest public support with 19 % of respondents identifying GDDG as “the party closest” to them, compared to the United National Movement’s (UNM’s) 13%.

They are followed by the European Georgia, the Labor Party and the Alliance of
Patriots with 7%, 6 % and 5%, respectively.

4% of the respondents indicate the New Georgia party is closest to them, 3 % name the Democratic Movement, 2 % - Girchi.

The results reflect data collected from November 19- December 13, 2019, through face-to face interviews with a nationwide representative sample of Georgia’s adult population, excluding occupied territories, that included 2,180 completed interviews.

NDI’s survey work is funded by UK aid. The poll was carried out by CRRC Georgia.

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