Teaching process suspended in 17 schools due to heavy snowfall in Adjara
24 January, 2020
Due to heavy snowfall, classes have been suspended in 17 schools of the mountainous villages of Adjara region due to heavy snow. The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture says that pupils could not arrive at schools. “There are some problems related to power supply. Technical groups of Energo-pro Georgia are working and power supply will be restored today,” Khulo district local government said.

Snow reached a depth of one meter in Khulo and even higher in Goderdzi resort.

Roads cleansing
works are underway.

It was forecasted that the weather would severely deteriorate in Georgia from today afternoon, with heavy snow in mountainous regions and storms at sea, some sections of roads will become icy, the National Environment Agency said on Friday.

According to the Agency, heavy meteorological conditions will be maintained in Georgia (mainly in western Georgia and the western part of eastern Georgia) until the afternoon of January 24).

“Due to heavy snowfall, visibility impairment and avalanches traffic can be restricted on some sections of the Georgian highways.

The Environment Agency said that wind is expected throughout the country.

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