As coronavirus takes momentum, Georgia takes countermeasures
25 January, 2020
The flight from China to Georgia has been canceled today. Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia said that the flight was canceled at the initiative of the Chinese side, but the reason is unknown. “We were expecting a flight from China today, but we received reports that the scheduled flight had been canceled. This was done by the decision of the Chinese side. The screening is provided to all passengers arriving from China. Starting from today, thermo-screening will be provided, which
means checking passengers’ temperature with a remote thermometer. If the temperature is above 38, the passenger is thought to be a likely case of coronavirus, and medical personnel will further examine him/her at the airport in. Passengers traveling from China through Georgia are not screened at this stage,” said Tamar Gabunia.

According to the head of the National Center for Disease Control, Amiran Gamkrelidze, all passengers coming from China will be checked at the airports, because of the spread of coronavirus in China.

"Certain type of screening is provided to passengers coming from China; they are given brochures in three languages, explaining what they should do in case of the following symptoms revealed within two weeks after arriving from China - high fever, shortness of breath, head and throat pain," said Gamkrelidze.

In addition, certain hospitals have been selected, where such people will be treated. The hospitals are: Tbilisi Central Infectious Disease Hospital, infectious hospitals of Batumi, Kutaisi and Zugdidi.

A commission was set up with the involvement of representatives of all agencies in the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to the People's Republic of China Archil Kalandia said that the number of people infected with coronavirus continued to rise in China, but there was no reason to panic at that point.

“I am in constant contact with all the three our fellow citizens, who are in Wuhan now. I talked with the officials from Wuhan municipality and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. Preventive measures are being implemented throughout China, not just in Wuhan, which is the source of the infection. In addition, the city is provided with food and drinking water. Accordingly, the city is not facing food and water shortages. All facilities of the city are disinfected daily and the situation is under control at this stage. Obviously, the number of infected is increasing and will probably rise in February, but taking these large-scale preventive measures into consideration, local authorities are doing their best to reduce the scales and the number of infected people.

In addition, through various social networks we are in constant contact with our fellow citizens in various regions of China. Fortunately, they are healthy and safe, "said Archil Kalandia.

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