Georgian, who won GEL 1,182,454, was found in a refugee settlement
29 January, 2020
The millionaire who was searched by the whole Georgia is finally found! A jackpot of Lotto 6/42- 1 182 454 was won on January 21, but the new Georgian millionaire did not appear for several days. The Georgian National Lottery has found the luckiest person in Batumi’s refugee settlement.

1 182 454 was won by 77-year-old Valiko Kvachadze and his son Giorgi Kvachadze.

The day was one of those ordinary days he used to have… First, he was standing in the
queue to get the food, in the dining hall specially created for socially vulnerable families. On the way home he and his son stopped by the booth and purchased the ticket for Lotto 6/42 on January 18. They filled the numbers together- father was dictating and the son was filling the ticket.

After thinking for a long time they finally put this combination together- 17, 24, 25, 29, 33 and 36. They had no idea that this combination of numbers would transform their ordinary life into a beautiful fairy-tale.

The day before the ticket was purchased, on January 17, Valiko Kvachadze turned 77 years old. Prior to that his family belonged to the disadvantaged groups- socially vulnerable families and used to live in severe conditions. They have mortgaged their own apartment and have been paying rent already for eight years now. The dream of returning their own house, made them start playing the lottery. The lottery ticket was bought on the way to the catharsis canteen with the only hope to win.

And they have won! 1 182 454 GEL!

The ticket bought only for 2 GEL has transformed the status of socially vulnerable into a millionaire.

The new millionaires have a lot of upcoming plans. First, they will return the house they have mortgaged while living in severe conditions, then they will buy a car and start a business. What is more important is that they will never look back to the life they had before.

The Georgian National Lottery will solemnly award the Kvachadze family in the coming days.

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