Georgian Student In Italy Tells Her Coronavirus Recovery Story
16 March, 2020
Georgian Student In Italy Tells Her Coronavirus Recovery Story
Georgian citizen studying at Viterbo University, Italy, Tako Iluridze, has recently overcome coronavirus and publishes a post on her Facebook page reflecting on everything she has gone through and sharing recommendations to people .
In the post, Iluridze writes that she has been hiding from journalists because of the stress she has gone through, but then she decided to talk as she represents someone who has successfully overcome coronavirus which can be a huge support for others.

" What happened?

you know, I am a master's student at one of the Italian universities where I studied Italian together with students of different nationalities. While the whole Northern Italy was in danger of a pandemic, the government somehow did not cancel the carnival in Venice, and my classmates were not scared to go for fun, then they returned, and the coronavirus turned out to be a "gift" from them to me.

How it all started?

After four days, I felt a throat ache but I thought it was just a psychological moment as everyone was afraid but still, I decided to check my temperature,but it was very low. Of course, I did not panic but for safety reasons, I started to wear face-mask and decided to self-isolate myself. I had a low temperature for two days and then I started to cough as the temperature started to rise. With the help of the Georgian Embassy in Italy, I was transferred to the hospital.
I had no problems with breathing and no pneumonia as well. Therefore with the help of food, the doctors were trying to supply the body with vitamins needed and help the body defeat the virus by itself.
The treatment is constantly monitored through various tests, including drawing blood from the wrist artery daily, which is very painful and hard to describe with words.
For 10 days I was at the hospital and a couple of days ago the tests showed a negative result. Now I am undergoing a mandatory quarantine period and then I will be allowed to return to my country.

What do I want to tell you?

I want to tell you that coronavirus is not a final verdict and it can be defeated. Having the virus is not something to be embarrassed about and do not try to hide it.
There are many examples of people overcoming this virus including me.
Knowing that your family is constantly thinking and worrying about you, hearing the people crying and trying to understand everything the doctor tells you with very low knowledge of the Italian language is super hard. However the love I felt from people, made me realize that I do not have to be afraid.


As soon as you notice yourself having symptoms of fever, try to self-isolate yourself and wear a face-mask until you are convinced in your diagnose. I saved everyone around me with caution and all 26 people who were in contact with me tested negative for coronavirus.
I would advise you to abstain from traveling because I got the virus exactly from people traveling around. Wash your hands often, try to eat fruits and healthy products. Distance yourself from others while coughing or sneezing.
What is more important, do not panic even if you have any symptoms of the virus.

What have I learned?

I have learned that we never know what can happen and we are not ensured against any danger so try to spend more time with your loved ones. Loving each other will definitely save the world! I can not wait to return to my country and see all the people I love!


Thanks to the Government of Georgia, as well as the Embassy and Consulate of Georgia in Italy and of course the Italian Ministry of Health.
I would like to say special thanks to the Georgian Consul in Italy, Tamta Rcheulishvili, who is not only a professional in her field but also a very cool person!
Also thanks to the people who encouraged me and being with me through all these!" 

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