8 Patients Recovered From Coronavirus in Georgia
23 March, 2020
A total of 8 patients have recovered from coronavirus in Georgia.

According to Marina Ezugbaia, Medical Director of the Tbilisi Infectious Disease Hospital, two more recovered patients have been discharged.

“Five more patients tested negative yesterday. Two of these five patients left our center yesterday. Three others remain at the clinic as they also had pneumonia and we will additionally examine them, after which, they will probably be discharged later today,” Marina Ezugbaia said.

She also noted that there are
4 patients with heavy health condition.

"The condition of 4 out of 30 patients in their clinic is serious. This is due to their age and associated serious illnesses. In one case, it is a serious neurological disease, in the second - severe hypertension, diabetes mellitus and severe pneumonia. So far, they are subject to treatment to a certain extent, and strongly growing progression is not observed. We hope that this will continue, but it is possible that, despite treatment, the disease can progress, therefore, the prognosis may be bad" - Marina Ezugbaia said.

There are 54 Coronavirus cases in Georgia. 3320 patients are under quarantine and 235 are under hospital supervision.

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