"It felt like I was Suffocating"- How Georgian Woman Defeated COVID-19 in Spain
23 March, 2020
Georgian woman called Katia, publishes a post in COVID-19 forum on Facebook, telling the coronavirus recovery story and how she defeated the disease at home with the help of doctor's recommendations.
Katia has been living in Spain for 11 years already and as she says she took the preventive measures as soon as the government declared the COVID-19 outbreak.

"A lot of people think that it's only the strangers who can infect you with
the virus, but it is not the truth. It can even be your family member not knowing that he/she has the virus."

As for the symptoms, she had throat ache and dry coughing, but she did not pay attention to them as she thought it was just the common flu. Unfortunately, after three or four days, breathing became very painful.

"It was like having glass splinters or dust in your lungs." -Katia says.

The doctor supposed she had the symptoms of COVID-19, but as she does not belong to the risk group, the recommendation for her was to stay at home and continue treatment in this way.

On the sixth day, breathing became even more difficult and the fever was added to it. Moreover, speaking also became very hard as talking made the coughing even worse.

"The most difficult day was the 8th day when I had two serious attacks and decided to visit the doctor by myself. They got really scared when I told them that I was suffocating. After the X-ray imaging, the doctors prescribed medicine and I went back home."

As she says she feels much better and hopes that it will get better soon.

"The only thing I want is to hug my children as soon as possible, but what I want to say is that COVID-19 is not as deadly as it seems. I just want to ask you to isolate yourself from the people who have some health problems as for them the recovery will be much more difficult.

What is more important, try to think positively. Stress is very dangerous for your immune system. Drink a lot of liquids and take care of yourself and the people around you!"-writes a Georgian woman living in Spain.

There are 33,089 confirmed coronavirus cases in Spain. The death toll reached 2,182 and 3,355 have been recovered. 

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