Emotional Photos of The World Combating COVID-19
26 March, 2020
The world has completely changed since the respiratory disease COVID-19 outbreak. The only thing humanity is interested in now is to somehow survive this disaster so that they can continue living the way they were used to before.

Here are some photos depicting the world trying to combat the coronavirus outbreak. 

People getting disinfected, Philippines, March 19

Pharmacist at Washington Institute for Health Research tries first COVID-19 vaccine

Medical personnel waiting for a helicopter to be sent to a patient, Emile
Muller Hospital, France, March 17

Neighbors Talking From Balconies, Madrid, Spain, March 19

A man with a bicycle in front of a huge shopping center, France, Paris, March 18

Huge row in front of a supermarket, California, March 14

People in the gun shop queue, California, March 15

A continuous row of trucks on the highway, Germany, March 17

Catholic priest performs live liturgy at Santa Maria Church, Spain, March 15

Petra Archaeological Park disinfected

Doctors checking temperature, Africa, March 18

The man with a face-mask made with leaves, Marocco, March 18

Doctors testing for COVID-19, Miami, March 16

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