How COVID-19 Outbreak Changed The Lives Of Georgian Doctors
26 March, 2020
The whole world is struggling to combat respiratory disease COVID-19 which has killed thousands of people around the world.
Fortunately, the death cases have not been reported in Georgia, but since the virus outbreak in Georgia, the lives of the doctors working with the patients infected with the coronavirus, have completely changed.

Maia Kurdadze has been working as a doctor in the ambulance for 15 years already. As she says, she has gone through many difficult periods from war to
natural cataclysms, but the coronavirus pandemic has created a very different and tough regime for them:

"We have gone through a lot, we were taking care of the wounded in August war, there have been raids, earthquakes, and disasters, but the coronavirus has set everything upside down. However, we are working tirelessly to combat the COVID-19 but to do that the citizens should help us by following the recommendations and rules.

These days, if the patient calls, and if he or she has complaints connected to respiratory disease, the operator will ask them whether he has traveled overseas for the last 20 days or not, and has had contact with those at risk.

Very often the patients lie about their clinical signs when calling to the ambulance, saying that they have other problems when in reality the might have a respiratory disease. I want to say that, it is not safe to lie about it because if you have the coronavirus, we need to be specially equipped.

Of course, we are working tirelesly to save people's lives but very few of them think about us. That is why if you want to help us, please do not hide the symptoms of the virus and follow the recommendations which are social-distancing and keeping the hygiene."

Another doctor working in an ambulance, Ia Zhizshiashvili, says that psychological stress is very high during this period. That is why they try to ease the stress of their patients by supporting them and helping them in positive thinking.

According to her, in case of suspicious symptoms, the patients should contact their family doctor and if the doctor thinks that the examination is required, a visit will be scheduled.

Finally, her recommendation will be to keep calm and to follow the rules. 

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