COVID-19 cases hit 208 in Georgia, 48 recovered
08 April, 2020
Number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased to 208 in Georgia. The information is posted on the government-run website 4682 people are in quarantine and 375 are under inpatient care.

48 out of 208 people recovered and three died.

Amiran Gamkrelidze, Director of the National Center for Disease Control, said that they predict the Coronavirus cases would hit from 350 to 400.

According to him, the whole month of April and 1-2 weeks of May will be quite difficult
and the number of infections may double every week.

"We predict that we will have between 350 and 400 cases of infection by the end of this week. April and the first one or two weeks of May will be quite difficult. Therefore, all the recommendations issued by us must be taken into account, especially with regard to the social distancing. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against this infection. However, there are other models that predict that the peak may be later, in July or September, " said Gamkrelidze.

Tengiz Tsertsvadze, director of the Tbilisi Infectious Hospital, said that in this situation, the assistance received from NATO and the European Union was vital for the country.

"Naturally, Georgia does not have a sufficient number of personal protective equipment, test systems and, of course, humanitarian aid received from NATO or the European Union is vital for the country, ”Tengiz Tsertsvadze said.

He noted that the recommendation on asking the humanitarian assistance has not been issued by the Tbilisi Infectious Hospital, but the Decease Control and Prevention Center and the Ministry of Health were involved in the process.


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