COVID-19 cases raise to 214, 50 recovered
09 April, 2020
Number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased to 214 in Georgia. The information is posted on the government-run website 4559 people are in quarantine and 353 are under inpatient care.

50 out of 211 people have recovered, while 3 have died.

Minister of Health Ekaterine Tikaradze says that the country's heath system is ready to accept up to 3 500 patients if COVID-19 cases raise sharply.

"The readiness of clinics is checked on a daily basis. All doctors and
nurses are mobilized and fully equipped. We have 3,500 beds mobilized at this stage, which means that we will be able to receive hundreds of patients in a day for a month. At the same time, as we provide intensive training of family doctors, we can additionally place patients in the quarantine zones, who do not need to be hospitalized and they will be treated under the supervision of doctors in the quarantine zones. So we can treat a total of about 10,000 patients in a month,” said Ekaterine Tikaradze.

Minister has also underscored importance of rapid tests.

“At this stage, we have 2,000 PCR gold standard tests in Georgia. We have also imported additional 10,000 tests and 18,000 tests are now being imported. The total number of orders is 84, 000. In addition, we already have 4,000 antibody tests and 20,000 more are now being imported. We have signed an agreement, according to which, their total number is 24,000.

Rapid tests require more caution and supervision. Therefore, we will use these tests only in rare cases. There are 2, 000 of them in the country at this stage and 52 000 are on their way. As for the total number of orders, after the National Center for Disease Control confirms the safety and high reliability of these tests, we plan to import additional 200,000 tests,"- said Tikaradze.

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