Master Georgian Magician Zurab Vadachkoria is 50
24 February, 2011

He has kept in shock and puzzlement tens of thousands of people around the world many, many times. Zurab Vadachkoria’s manner is truly magic. His talent has happily touched upon many of us. I would call him the Georgian Houdini. We all have seen him perform his magic which makes you think over the limits of illusionist magician conjurer. He is a real wizard of his profession. The wonder-woker Vadachkorio is 50 and we want to wish the great Georgian spell-binder

to be as successful as any very famous prestidigitator of the world, like for instance his friend and colleague Lance Burton who has sent him a very warm and friendly letter of birthday congratulations. Lance Burton is a famous stage illusionist. He has appeared on numerous television programs, and also performed for Queen Elizabeth and President Ronald Reagan. He has twice been awarded “Magician of the Year” by the Academy of Magical Arts. He won the Grand Prix Award at FISM in 1982 for his performance, where Burton stood in a street scene in traditional top hat and tails and spectacularly produced doves, candles and gentleman’s walking canes, seemingly from nowhere, 1998 Blackstone Theatre Award. This is the original letter from the famous American magician.