Causes and Consequences (Part THREE)
17 March, 2011
Causes and Consequences (Part THREE)

The alleged assassin of Ilia Chavchvadze ( poet and the leader of the nation)  Bolshevik Gigla Berbichashvili was arrested. He was not executed by the way, but he was compelled to recognize that Bolshevik leader Philipeh Makharadze was one of the planners and organizers of the assassination. Professor Simon Maskharashvili has more.
GJ – I think we have talked profusely about the reasons of Stalinist overwhelming purges. You have explained in details why

the Bolshevik punitive machine had punished even the old Bolshevik fellow-revolutionaries and Stalin’s personal friends on top of the common innocent people and the intellectual elite of the nation. Why can’t we now deliberate on certain individual stories of some of those prominent communists like Budu Mdivani, Philipeh Makharadze, Sergo Orjonikidze and other architects of the 1917 October Socialist Revolution who were very friendly with Stalin himself?
SM – Budu Mdivani and Philipeh Makharadze found themselves included into the team of those old Bolsheviks who had confronted Stalin as early as 1922 because they did not want to see Georgia as part of Soviet Russia. The gist of the matter was that by the year of 1937, Stalin   stubbornly maintained a weird theory that there was no such thing as ‘a former enemy’. He adamantly believed that his enemy of any period and of any particular circumstance had to be subjected to inevitable elimination. Following those overwhelming Stalinist purges, there came a turn of Mdivani, Gogoberidze and other old revolutionaries. Gogoberidze was in conflict with Beria and Mdivani had contradictions with Stalin. As long as Philipeh Makharadze is concerned, he was considered to have been one of the organizers and participants in the infamous assassination of Ilia Chavchavadze, the father of the modern Georgian nation, but when push came to shove, it turned out that Philipeh had never desired Georgia to lose its independence. Getting rid of Philipeh Makharadze was not a simple thing to do because the blood-stained   revolutionary past of that unrelenting communist fighter was widely known in the entire Soviet Union, not just Georgia. In 1937 Ilia Chavchavadze’s name was deliberately popularized by the Stalinist propaganda machine. All of a sudden, it was ‘kindly’ remembered by the Soviet regime that he was an eminent national public figure and a great patriot of Georgia. Even his centennial jubilee was celebrated extensively   
GJ – This should have played effectively on national feelings of the Georgian people...
SM – The Soviets had definitely won over the hearts and minds of Georgians by those celebrations. Briefly after the event, one of the alleged assassins of Ilia Chavchvadze Bolshevik Gigla Berbichashvili was arrested. He was not executed, but he was compelled to recognize that Bolshevik leader Philipeh Makharadze was one of the masterminds of the assassination.
GJ – Unless my memory is failing me, the details of information (the names and identities of the alleged planners and killers) about the poet’s assassination was kept top secret...
SM – So imagine the significance of the revealed information for the Georgian people who adored and venerated Ilia Chavchavadze, the mentor and spiritual leader of the nation. Look how it all had turned out eventually: Stalin figured as a good man who honored Georgia’s national ideals and appreciated the patriots. Meanwhile, Philipeh Makharadze, as part of Ilia’s assassination was taken to court. When Makharadze was subpoenaed to answer the questions of investigation, he died of heart attack on his way to where he was summoned. Had he not died his own death he would have been apprehended anyway; so would have been his relatives and finally, all of them would have been physically destroyed.  (To be continued in the next article on the same page).

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A ski lift accident in Georgia’s eastern Gudauri resort,in particular at Sadzele 5 lift, has left 8 people with injuries.
The ski lift in Gudauri winter resort in Georgia has broke down in the aftermath of which several people have been injured.
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