Georgian Zhongguancun Technology Park
08 September, 2011

According to some experience in collaborating on technological solutions with Georgian scientists and entrepreneurs, the answer is “yes”. I do believe that there is a way that Georgia will be able to build a small Silicon Valley: it has the requisite networks and culture of entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and openness. The question is how to offer suggestions on the way Georgia can improve its chances for success when so many other tech cluster projects in other countries fail. Georgia has true inspiration

for the plan to build a special zone for technological innovation project near Tbilisi – similar to Beijing’s Zhongguancun technology park.

The incredible success that China has enjoyed in attracting foreign R&D investment to the mainland and growing team of Georgian entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and luring foreign high tech firms to open R&D labs in a specially-built science park in a small town like Mtskheta . Georgian Zhongguancun will not fail because the benefits to be gained by the country outweigh the costs of supporting it by far.

Economy of Georgia could benefit from second wave of global economic crisis triggered by Japan which unfortunately faced tough days after the heaviest earthquake and tsunami. Which trends could gear economic growth in Georgian Zhongguancum ? This question is basically connected to the historic trends. Georgia got agricultural background, however there were very efficient “ think tanks” in such areas like seismology, applied mathematics and physics, design of light-emitting diodes, smart meter production, cloud computing, telemedicine (when doctors remotely instruct patients on necessary steps to treatment). The bottom-line is to get rid of nurtured and cherished for 70 years motto: “Science for science” and convert it into “science for profit”...