Neko-Ryu Karate - Art to Control Your Life
21 February, 2013
Neko-Ryu Karate - Art to Control Your Life

”When a warrior asks God to give him strength to succeed, he receives fatigue to learn to obey!
When he asks for the second time, he receives from God more difficulties to learn to overcome them!”
Neko-Ryu Karate treatise

Exceptional self-confidence and determination, effective decision-making and strategic planning of the path to success – these are the skills that the International Budo Sport Federation along with the “Save the Future” Association promise to develop in the persons who decide to
become the part of their trainings.

They believe that a person should work on becoming a real personality starting from the early age, which is why they accept pupils starting from the 3-year-old age.
“In many cases, intellect is an advantage for a warrior, but sometimes it becomes an obstacle; it happens when you have to analyse a lot of things while you need to make a quick decision. That is why you need to start training your mind in such a way when you actually begin controlling and directing it to the desirable direction. To achieve this goal, the younger the age of the disciple is, the better”, the President of International Budo Sport Federation Kakha Markozashvili told Georgian Journal. On his part, he has trained more than 4000 pupils around the globe, dozens of world champions among them.
The main thing that is underlined when speaking about Neko-Ryu Karate, which is translated as “Cat style” Karate, is the state of mind along with the physical condition of body. It counts four thousand years of its existence and development step by step.
“Let’s take career advancement as an example, which at first sight might seem to have nothing to do with Karate. But actually, it has. Because here you learn how to identify the goal, analyse ways of achieving it, and in the end, reach them; At the same time, on your way to success you get used to dealing with extreme situations and making instant correct decisions. Following this philosophy in everyday life, on which our regular trainings are based, helps bring lot of order and harmony to our existence”, Professor Markozashvili ads.
They offer various styles of martial arts trainings, which they believe, should be of interest for all and sundry. For instance, women may find attractive to train along with music, which makes it resemble aerobics.
Luba Beridze, Manager of the International Budo Sport Federation, has been in Karate for years; now she gives lessons herself.
“For many women it starts with the desire to always stay in good shape, lead an active and healthy way of life. Then it becomes an indispensable part of their lives. According to my experience, I can say that it helped me develop myself into a more purposeful person than I used to be before; it changes you from inside and then the world around you alters accordingly. This result is equally desirable both for men and women”, Ms. Beridze says.
International Budo Sport Federation and “Save the Future” Association are the first in Georgia to offer foreigners, residing in this country and working in various fields, different packages of martial arts’ trainings, including individual trainings, with most of the activities taking place on weekends in order to make it more comfortable for foreigners and their children.
Preparing physically, emotionally and mentally for better resistance toward difficulties - through discipline and by overcoming your own self, acknowledging that there are no events of secondary importance, but all of them are primary, and thus learning how to make seemingly insignificant things work for cardinally changing your lives for better – this is what Budo Sport Federation offers to teach along with the 4000 year-old martial art stunts.


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