‘I Owe My Success to My Failure‘
30 December, 2010
‘I Owe My Success to My Failure‘

Georgian Sportsman Aiming at K-1 Champion Title


“Georgians are lucky to have the only sportsman in the world, a universal fighter in the history of fight, winner of three different fighting systems, Kyokushin, Kung-Fu and K-1. There is no other fighter world over who could achieve the same results. If we transfer the achievements into wrestling, it means a wrestler gaining Freestyle, Judo and Sumo at the same time.”

The above monologue, addressed to Rati Tsiteladze, belongs to a well

known person in the Karate world, Kakhaber Markozashvili, who has rejected the positions offered by American, Australian and British agents.  
Mr. Markozashvili, with his 29-year experience, has been delivering free training lessons to willing people of different ages for 19 years now. His only interest is bringing up battle-worthy, healthy and stable generation. The age of his pupils vary from 4 to 66 years.
Our guests today are Kakhaber Markozashvili and his pupil Rati Tsiteladze.
Q. - Rati, you achieved much. When did you start your trainings?
A. - I started at 6; or they made me start. Desire came later. Karate is not only a fight but a spiritual balance as well. As one of the famous Karate followers has said, “you can do nothing with your bare hands against a bullet shot by a sniper. But a fighter with a proper spiritual balance will create his way of life so that no sniper will ambush him.”
Q. - And still, what is the secret of your astounding success?
A. - The secret of my success is open; it is in my failure. After 10 years of training in Batumi I came to the Capital. I was the champion of Georgia at that time. I used to stay and train in the gym almost for 24 hours. One day Mr. Markozashvili brought a youngster in the gym and offered me to fight with him. I willingly agreed. The youngster was absolutely unknown in Georgian Karate while I was a Champion. It was a humbling experience for me. He defeated me. He really did it. I was shocked. You train for 24 hours and someone unknown defeats you!
After that, instead of staying in the gym, I started to visit churches for 24 hours. I prayed and requested God to help me, to give me power. And I started to realize that duration of training did not mean much and that most important was its quality.    
I went back to Batumi and took lessons in Boxing. My goal was to defeat the boy that beat me (though later we became friends and never fought again).
Quite by chance I saw on TV that kickboxing tournament was to unfold. I decided to call on Mr. Markozashvili.
Mr. Markozashvili – Yes, he really called me and requested to include him in my group. I refused. And to get rid of him, I gave him a list of exercises, I was sure he would never do them. To my surprise, he called again after a month and asked for the second part of exercises. I gave him another list. Now I was more than sure I would never see him again. I was shocked when he came to my gym, though I noticed that he was well-trained. So I allowed him to join my group.
On an initial stage he was blooded all over. Though after a month and a half the others endured only 10-15 seconds during fights against Rati; all of them used to go down! Rati has overcome the only enemy of a man – he defeated himself.
Q. - Rati, you have to travel a lot. Do you face financial problems and can a Karatist afford to live on Karate.
A.- Karatist can afford it, but not in Georgia. In foreign countries states or private companies allocate funds and grants for the Karatists and tournaments. As to financial problems; sure we face some problems. Although by God’s will we always manage to overcome them.  
Q. - What are your future plans?
A. - My goal is not to waste time. I’m heading to the Netherlands in January and then to Thailand. I have signed a contract with a Dutch club and, hence, I can’t say anything in advance.
Besides, I have one great wish – to open a sports school in Georgia that will be open for internally displaced children and members of the families with low income. The school will be free and dedicated to the promotion of Karate in Georgia. I hope my wish will come true.


                                                                                                                                            Author: Rati Fazisari

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