19 bids received for UEFA EURO 2020
01 May, 2014

UEFA has announced that by the 25 April deadline set out in the bid regulations, it had received final bid dossiers to host the UEFA EURO 2020 from 19 member associations representing 19 candidate cities. The UEFA EURO 2020 final tournament will be staged in 13 cities across Europe, following a decision taken by the UEFA Executive Committee in January 2013. The matches will be split into 13 different packages, with 12 standard packages, including three group matches and one
knockout round (round of 16 or quarter-finals), and one package for the semi-finals and the final.
Kazan Ready for 2015 FINA World Championship
2,400 competitors from 180 countries, 8000 officials, 250 judges and referees will be in Russia for this massive event. International athletes such as the Americans Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps as well as other stars like Svetlana Romashina, Jing Zhao, Dene Varga are expected to compete. A nationwide competition was held to choose the best mascot design for the event. The mascots chosen to represent the competition are two snow leopards, Itil, a boy and Alsu, a girl.
Successful training camp in Argentina
The Baja California Boys’ and Girls’ Teams held a successful training camp in the cities of Rosario and Mar del Plata, as part of their preparation for the Mexican National Junior Olympic Championships. The teams coached by Oscar Licea and Estanislao Matias Vachino practiced for two weeks in South America and also competed in scrimmage matches and international meets against both the national and regional National Age Group Teams of Argentina.