Vakhtang Kadaria – Georgian King of the Rock
20 September, 2015
Vakhtang Kadaria – Georgian King of the Rock
Vakhtang Gorgasali may have been the King of Georgia, but Vakhtang Kadaria is the King of the Rock. For three years in a row, he was proclaimed champion of a one-on-one basketball tournament Red Bull King of the Rock, held in Georgia. Even more noteworthy is the fact that he performs splendidly at an international level as well. Last year, at a tournament held at the Taiwanese Green Island, he ended up named among top three competitors, while the championships
held at Alcatraz and Istanbul saw him make it to the quarterfinals. By the way, the tournament’s organizers do not pick exotic locations such as the Alcatraz Island for world finals only. Georgian King of the Rock tournaments were held at places such as the Metekhi Bridge and the Rabati Fortress.

“The tournament’s organizers do not pick exotic locations such as the Alcatraz Island for world finals only. Georgian King of the Rock tournaments were held at places such as the Metekhi Bridge and the Rabati Fortress.”

Vakhtang boasts of never losing to an American contender. Last year he even managed to defeat a crowd favorite, Tarron “The Beast” Williams. Aside geotv.gefrom playing one on one, Vakhtang is also adept at playing three on three (streetball). He trains a lot, devoting a great deal of time to the Georgian National Championship and “Kutaisi,” the club he is currently in. He even tried himself at USA Junior College League for a couple of seasons. However, while currently he claims that he will not compete for the title of the King of the Rock anymore, moving aside to make space for other aspirants, we are not so sure. Time will tell. Until then, allow us to offer you an interview with the champion himself.

– Aside from the amount of players, what is the main difference between basketball offshoots anbd basketball itself?

– Well, 3x3 basketball is very dynamic. Relaxing for just a second is enough to let the enemy score. Besides, the ball used is quite small, so it takes some getting used to. Playing 1x1 also has its tricks. One round lasts five minutes. There are no breaks and you only have yourself to count on. Top physical shape is simply necessary for tgeotv.gehat. Height also matters – statistics-wise; most winners of world finals are about two meters tall. But being too tall is also a disadvantage. Such a player has a hard time defending himself and will most likely not be able to stop a shorter player from making a shot, etc.

“I tried to become world champion three times and failed three times. Now it’s time to let others try their hand at it.”

– As far as I know, this year you were the favorite at the King of the Rock world finals. Moreover, before leaving for Istanbul, you declared that if the third time isn’t the charm and you don’t become a world champion, you will stop competing. Was it a joke or do you really plan to quit?

– I was a crowd favorite in Turkey and everyone expected me to become the champion. But by a twist of fate, I had to face Irakli Jankhoteli. There were seven Turks participating and the matchmaking system did not pit any of them against each other, while we two Georgians ended up butting heads right away. [He laughs.] In the second stage of the tournament, I bested a thrice-champion of Turkey in a very tense battle, but lost to a Lithuanian contender in the quarter finals – to his own surprise, I must say. He obviously did not expect himself to score a three-point throw from the disadvantageous position I put him in. I ended up losing by only two points. As for the future, I am not going to compete for the title

– Did you get bored of it or something?

– No. I tried to become world champion three times and failed three times. Now it’s time to let others try their hand at it. Winning the title would have allowed Georgia to host the next King of the Rock, but alas…

– What was playing at the Alcatraz Island like?

– We played within the prison complex itself. It has a very different climate from what I am used to, and the very first game left me gasping for breath. Acoustics of the prison’s corridors and halls play nasty games with echoes and make you feel quite repressed, but this feeling shakes off when the game starts.

– Last question. What is Vakhtang Ka­daria’s ultimate dream?

– Playing in Georgia’s National Team, of course!

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