10 most emotional moments in football – Georgian Jaba Kankava’s heroic act among them
26 October, 2016
The Daily Football has gathered the most emotional moments that have taken place in football history. Captain of Georgian National team Jaba Kankava’s heroic act is among them.

In 2014, midfielder Jaba Kankava saved a rival Dynamo Kiev captain Oleg Gusev after a horrific clash during a Ukrainian Premier League match against Dnipro.

Gusev was knocked unconscious after competing for a cross with keeper Denys Boyko and appeared in severe danger of swallowing his tongue before Kankava intervened by forcing his
hand down the player's throat to clear his airways.

Medical officials soon joined the throng of players trying to save the Ukraine international before Gusev eventually recovered and left the field on a stretcher.

Kankava could be seen nursing his hand after the incident, possibly from being unintentionally bitten, before being thanked by Dynamo players for his fast acting bravery.

Jaba Kankava was granted the Ukrainian Order of Merit for his action.

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