“Georgians have a big heart” – Zaza Pachulia thanks fans for support in NBA All-Star
09 January, 2017
Golden State Warriors Georgian player Zaza Pachulia shared his opinion about the intermediary results of NBA All-STAR voting.
According to these results, Pachulia is on the second place among centers of western conference. He has accumulated 439 675 votes so far.

This proved to be quite unexpected for the media and many basketball fans around the world. For the small country like Georgia, it is almost unbelievable to accumulate so many votes and make Pachulia overpass many fans’ favorites in
the USA.

In his emotional interview, Zaza Pachulia said that Georgians are special people, who love basketball and know very well what they are fighting for. For that reason, Zaza said he was not at all surprised with the results. He also said he always tries to promote his country. Zaza called on everybody to visit Georgia, invest and meet people.

He also thanked his fans for this support and said that this result is already a victory for him. As for the love the Georgians are showing, it cannot be bought and this is the greatest award.

Last year Zaza Pachulia had a really good chance of making it through. Unfortunately, he fell short by only 14 228 votes. Zaza accumulated 768112 votes in total and was fourth in the list of Western Conferences’ frontcourt players, behind Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard.

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