That’s Zaza! – Pachulia’s best moments with Golden State Warriors
17 January, 2017
The voting for the 2017 NBA All-Star game ended on January 17, at 8:59 Georgian time (GMT+4).
As you may remember, according to the second preliminary results, Georgian center Zaza Pachulia was on the second place in his category, with 823 376 votes.
The final results will be published on January 19, with the starting line-ups of both conferences.

Many think that Pachulia’s chances of being selected as a starter are still low, despite him receiving more votes than favorites
Leonard, Wade, Love and DeRozan. Still, his playing can be very beautiful, which he has proven many times.

We have been watching Zaza play for the Golden State Warriors the whole season and have gathered some of the best moments to show to you.

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