England head coach captivated by Georgia rugby team after first training session
14 February, 2018
Georgia and England rugby teams have already held their first joint training session in west London on Tuesday.

It was a part of two-day training session with Milton Haig's side, and England head coach Eddie Jones strongly believes that it will benefit his team in their NatWest 6 Nations campaign.
The first joint training session

Eddie Jones’ team faced “the strongest pack in the world”, according to his evaluation of The Lelos (nickname of Georgian Rugby Team).
England rugby team
with Eddie Jones standing in the middle

After training, the England head coach noted that training session with Georgia Rugby team was a valuable learning lesson for his team.

"Georgia were just the sort of scrum we needed to scrum against - strong, scrummaged in a different way and the boys learnt a number of different things today. They had the superiority early on and we came back well. It was an excellent session for us. They really enjoyed it. It was fantastic, brilliant,” he said.
Eddie Jones

According to the world’s leading publication, The Telegraph, Eddie Jones was “particularly impressed by their unorthodox technique.”
According to the England head coach, Georgian rugby players found different ways to exert pressure

“Georgia just use their head and shoulders in different ways,” Jones said. “There are different ways of exerting pressure in scrums - some of its old fashioned, some new fashioned. They do different things. They scrum for a living and our guys have learnt a number of different things.”

According to the England head coach, Georgian rugby players found different ways to exert pressure and they did it with the new laws. It means finding new ways of exerting pressure without moving their feet.

Watch the training session below

“Georgia are very good at that - exceptional. They do it better than most and we are all trying to chase how to put pressure in without making the scrum unstable, but Georgia are better than anyone at doing that” – Jones explained after the first training session with Georgia.

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