Georgian sumo wrestler beats 40-time champion in 12th big match
24 May, 2018
On May 24, 2018 Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin (Levan Gorgadze) triumphed in the 12th match of 15-day Summer Grand Sumo Tournament. Georgian sekiwake Tochinoshin defeated his rival Hakuhō Shō, a professional sumo wrestler from Mongolia, who has a record of 40 wins. With his 12th victory Tochinoshin stays unbreakable as he continues the series of victories during Summer Basho tournament. Georgian sumo wrestler is the main candidate to obtaining Emperor's Cup. It is noteworthy that before Hakuhō defeated Tochinoshin 25 times.
this stage,Tochinoshin is the leader of Summer Basho, what means that after finishing the tournament the sumo committee will gather and discuss the issue of obtaining him the title of ōzeki.

Fighting style

Tochinoshin favours yotsu-sumo techniques, preferring to grapple with rather than push his opponents. His stablemaster urged him to concentrate on traditional forward moving sumo, in contrast to other European and Russian sumo wrestlers of the time who specialized in pulling techniques. His favourite grip on the mawashi is migi-yotsu, meaning he likes his right hand inside and his left hand outside his opponent's arms. His most common winning technique or kimarite is yori kiri or force out, but he also uses his left hand grip to good effect by regularly employing uwatenage, or overarm throw.

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