Georgian Rugby Team beats French Barbarians 16:15 at Dinamo Arena, Tbilisi
01 June, 2018
Georgian rugby team claimed yet another historic victory over French Barbarians – the second national team of the French Rugby Federation. On Thursday, May 31, Tbilisi hosted French rugby team at Dinamo Arena, the largest stadium of Georgia located in Tbilisi. The Georgian national team, nicknamed the Lelos, beat the Barbarians 16-15 in a close match.

The mood between spectators was festive. The performance of the national anthems was followed by fireworks and then the match began.

The game started
with the attacks from the guest’s side. However, they were not able to benefit from the situation and Georgian rugby player Soso Matiashvili scored 2 penalties. Unfortunately, exactly before the break the defenders of Georgian rugby team made a mistake, which was followed by 2 tries and successful conversion – 6:7.
Georgian rugby players listen to National Anthem

It is worth mentioning that French Barbarians are one of the strongest teams in the rugby world.
Georgian player slips through two opponents

At the end of the second half, Georgian rugby player Soso Matiashvili scored a try after the brilliant attack; however, he could not use the conversion. Shortly after that, French Barbarians reduced a difference in score till 11:10.

Georgian rugby player Sandro Todua scored a try, but Soso Matiashvili could not score a successful conversion.
French Barbarians fight for the ball

In the end of the game, the rival team scored a try, but could not score a successful conversion. I in the aftermath, Georgian rugby team (the Lelos) handed a defeat to the rivals in the match.

Rugby is one of the most popular and favorite sports in Georgia. The National Federation’s slogan is “Rugby is our game.”
Fight for the ball between The Lelos and French Barbarians

It is noteworthy that this year Georgian National Team gained a victory of historic importance in Rugby Europe Championship. Georgian National Rugby Team claimed a great victory over Romania in 2018 Rugby Europe Championship in the capital of Georgia Tbilisi. Georgian National Team defeated its rival with the score of 25:16 at Dinamo Arena in Tbilisi.
Georgian player catches the ball

It is noteworthy that this year Georgian Rugby Team has claimed 10 victories in The Rugby Europe Championship so far. The Lelos became champions and as a result of the victory over Romania, Georgian team has gained back the Anthim the Iberian Cup.
Scrum between the Lelos and French Barbarians

Georgia is one of the world's fastest growing rugby nations. The Lelos participate in the Rugby Europe Championship, winning the tournament in 2001, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 seasons.

Georgia is currently ranked 12th in the world by World Rugby.
Soso Matiashvili scores a try

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