Renowned Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin returns to his homeland
04 June, 2018
On June 4, world-famous Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin (born Levan Gorgadze) arrived in his homeland. A large number of his fans gathered in Tbilisi International Airport to meet their favorite sportsman.

Tochinoshin arrived in Georgia as the proud title holder of Ozeki, the rank of sumo wrestler below Yokozuna (thehighest rank of sumo wrestler) and above Sekiwake (the rank of sumo wrestler above Komusubi).

Ozeki title was handed over to him on May 30, 2018, after becoming the vice-champion of 15-day
Summer Grand Sumo Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan.

Gorgadze became the first Georgian and third European who has ever received the honorable rank.

It is noteworthy that Georgians are especially proud because of his success and always express their support towards renowned sumo wrestler.

Before his arrival to Georgia, one of the heroes of Natsu Basho Levan Gorgadze (Tochinoshin) has addressed Georgian fans through social network and thanked them for their great support and love.

“My friends, thank you for supporting me! I have felt it and it made me stronger! All my successes belong to you. My victory is dedicated to Georgia and to the 100th Anniversary of Establishment of First Democratic Republic. I receive many messages, calls and letters from you. Due to my busy lifestyle, sometimes I am not able to answer each of you and express my love. I apologize for it and hope you don’t think that I do not pay attention to you. We will meet soon in our homeland!”, wrote Tochinoshin.

Tochinoshin won 13 of 15 bouts in the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament. He also won a total of 37 bouts in the last 3 tournaments, more than the 33 win benchmark for promotion.

He has taken part in 60 tournaments since his debut in the top Makunouchi division in 2008.

The 2 other Ozeki-ranked wresters from Europe are Bulgarian-born Kotooshu and Estonian wrestler Baruto.

From now on, Tochinoshin will continue to compete on second level of Sumo hierarchy. He will fight to receive the title of Yokuzuna, the greatest champion.

Previously, in 2017, he won historic Emperor’s cup. He is the first Georgian who has become the owner of such prestigious and important title. Tochinoshin is the 3rd European in history, who has been able to win the most prestigious Sumo tournament in the world.

The previous European sumo wrestlers who won the Emperor’s Cup include Bulgarian Kotoshu Katsunori’s victory in 2008, and Estonian Baruto Kaito in 2012.

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