Georgia’s young rugby team beats Japan at 2018 Rugby World Cup
13 June, 2018
Georgia’s Under-20 national rugby team have claimed their second victory at the ongoing Rugby World Cup in Japan after they defeated Ireland with 24:20 on June 7.

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Georgia’s Under-20 national rugby team celebrates the victory. Photo courtesy: Levan Verdzeuli /TBC Bank

The game started with the attacks from the rivals’ side. However, they missed the penalty. In the aftermath of Georgians’ mistakes, Japanese rugby players scored a successful try and the conversion, what was followed by the
counter attack of Georgia’s Under-20 national rugby team and finally Luka Japaridze scored a try, while Gela Aprasidze used a conversion and equalized the score. However, on 21st minute the opponents scored a penalty again and increased their superiority.

On 29th minute, Georgian rugby player Guram Gogichashvili was expelled from the court and Japan scored a try, used the conversion and moved forward with 10 point superiority. Despite that, young Georgian rugby players managed to score a try, while Aprasidze missed the conversion and the score became 12:17.
Young Georgian Lelos celebrate the victory over Japan. Photo courtesy: Levan Verdzeuli / TBC Bank

The young Lelos (nickname of Georgian National Rugby Team) started the second half of the game with attacks, however, they lost the ball and the opponent team carried out counter attack, which was followed by successful try and missed conversion.
A picture after the game. Photo courtesy: Levan Verdzeuli / TBC Bank

Then Georgians started long and acute attack and were very close to their goal, but young Lelos could not use their chance and on 59th minute the referee expelled Georgian player Sandro Mamamtavrishvili from the court. As soon as Mamamtavrishvili returned to the court, the referee expelled Japanese rugby player as well.

Brilliant try by Georgian rugby player Gela Aprasidze

Aprasidze scored a try, but missed the conversion and the score became 24:22.
Gela Aprasidze scores the excellent try. Photo courtesy: Levan Verdzeuli / TBC Bank

Such committed players and powerful team is a reason for Georgian fans to be proud of. The young Lelos managed to win two games at World Cup for the first time. Moreover, they still maintain their place in rugby elite.

Georgia’s Under-20 national rugby team will play against Scotland in 5th final tour of World Cup and fight for 9th place.
Teammates congratulate Georgian rugby player after scoring a try. Photo courtesy: Levan Verdzeuli / TBC Bank

Rugby has always been the subject of national pride for Georgians. “Rugby is our game!” – this is the main motto of Georgian rugby fans adopted for supporting their favorite team. It has been proved many times already, rugby definitely is Georgian game.

First video courtesy: World Rugby Facebook page

First photo courtesy: Levan Verdzeuli / TBC Bank

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