Tochinoshin wins second time in a row in Sumo tournament
09 July, 2018
Today, on a second day of Nagoya Basho tournament, Georgian Sumo wrestler Levan Gorgadze, whose nickname is Tochinoshin, won second time in a row. His opponent was Japanese Chiyonokuni Toshiki. Levan beat him with Oshidashi and maintained positive balance with him – 6:1.Tomorrow Tochinoshin fight with Shohozan Yuya. He has positive balance with him as well – 13:5.

Unfortunately, today another Georgian Sumo wrestler Teimuraz Jugheli nicknamed as Gagamaru lost a fight with Japanese opponent Yago. Gagamaru had positive balance with
Yago – 2:0, but now the balance is 1:1. Next time Gagamaru fights with Mitoryu.
Levan Gorgodze and his stablemaster Kasugano, Photo courtesy:

As a recap, Levan Gorgadze won Historic Emperor’s Cup in Japan at the Grand Sumo Tournament which was held in January. Tochinoshin is the 3rd European in history, who has been able to win the most prestigious Sumo tournament in the world.
Levan Gorgadze, The president and the first lady of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili and Maka Chichua, Photo courtesy:

Back in Georgia, Tochinoshin has been granted honorary citizenship of Mtskheta for his achievements in Sumo, at the initiative of Mtskheta Single Mandate MP, Dimitri Khundadze. President Giorgi Margvelashvili decided that Tochinoshin should be honored for being the first Georgian to win the championship and has awarded him with the prestigious Medal of Honor.

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