Tochinoshin wins for fourth time in a row in Sumo Tournament
11 July, 2018
Today, on the fourth day of the Nagoya Basho Sumo tournament, Georgian Tochinoshin has won again, the fourth time in a row. Levan Gorgadze fought against third Maegashira Abby. At a previous Basho tournament Levan had beaten him. Levan beat Abby this time as well.

Tomorrow Tochinoshin fights against the first Maegashira Shodai Naoya. The odds between the wrestlers are 5:4 in favor of Tochinoshin. At a previous Basho tournament Levan lost a fight against Shodai and suffered a hand injury.

Yokuzuna Kakurio lost for the first time in this Basho and another wrestler, Yokuzuna Hakuho will not take any further part in the tournament due to a hand injury. This combination of circumstances gives a perfect opportunity for the Georgian wrestler to win the competition and become the Champion.

At this stage the list of Wrestlers looks like this:

Ozeki Tochinoshin - 4 fights 4 victories.
Sekyvake Mitakeumi - 4 fights 4 victories.
Yokuzuna Kakuriu – 3 fights 3 victories.
Yokuzuna Hakuho - 3 fight 3 victories (withdrawn from the tournament due to injury).

As for another Georgian wrestler Teimuraz Jugheli also known as Gagamaru: his opponent was Japanese Chyiono and defeated him with Yorikiri.

As for the tournament balance Jugeli has 2 wins and 2 losses at this stage.

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