Tochinoshin loses a battle at the 6th day of Nagoya Basho
13 July, 2018
Today Tochinoshin Levan Gorgadze lost the battle against Komusubi Tamawashi. The odds between the wrestlers were 15:7 in favor of Levan Gorgadze. It should be pointed out that Tochinoshin has three wins against the Mongolian and one failure.
Levan was actively playing in a Mawashi manner and got the opponent through a single hand. Due to the other insecure hand, the Mongolian beat him in a kotenage manner.

The next opponent of the Tochinoshin is going to be Maegashira Shodai Naoya.
The odds between the opponents are 5:4 in favor of the Georgian wrestler. The Japanese beat the Georgian wrestler in the last two games at Basho.

So far, the list of the leaders is the following:

Sekivake Mitekeumi – 6 fights, 6 wins
Ozeki Tochinoshin – 6 fights, 5 wins
Sixth Maegashira Endo - 6 fights, 5 wins
Ninth Maegashira Myōgiryū Yasunari - 6 fights, 5 wins
Thirteenth Maegashira Asanoyama Hideki - 6 fights, 5 wins

As for another Georgian Sumo wrestler Teimuraz Jugheli, also known as Gagamaru, he was defeated by the Japanese wrestler, Tobizaru Masaya. The odds between the fighters are 2:4 in favor of Tobizaru.

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