Tochinoshin pulls out of Nagoya Basho due to trauma
14 July, 2018
Today Georgian Sumo Wrestler Levan Gorgadze, also known as Tochinoshin pulled out of Nagoya Basho tournament. The reason for that is an injury he suffered yesterday during a fight with Komusubi Tamawashi.

Yesterday, Levan suffered a ruptured tendon on his right leg, between his toes. He cannot walk at the moment.
Levan Gorgadze

Tochinoshin had a very good chance to win Nagoya Basho as far as other Youkuzunas were pulled out of the tournament due to injuries as well. Levan fought six
times, but lost the last one with Tamawashi.

The winner for today’s combat is the first Maegashira Shodai Naoya.

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