Tochinoshin Pulls out of the 2018 Nagoya Basho, so what comes next?
17 July, 2018
Georgian Sumo wrestler, Levan Gorgadze (Tochinoshin) withdrew from the 2018 Nagoya Basho Grand Sumo Tournament on July 14 due to a tendon injury in his foot. He was injured during the fight with komusubi Tamawashi on July 13.
Tochinoshin is the fourth top-tier wrestler to pull out of the current competition. All three yokozuna, Kakuryu, Hakuho and Kisenosato, withdrew from the tournament due to injuries. In order not to be demoted from Ozeki to Sekiwake, he will need to win a
majority of his bouts in the tournament to be held in November.

This year, Tochinoshin has won a total of 42 bouts, which is the best result in the Makuuchi (the top division of the six divisions of professional sumo) wrestlers. Ozeki Tochinoshin belongs to the Kasugano stable. He won the title (Tochinoshin) in the New Year tournament held in Tokyo in January 2018. He was promoted to Ozeki after the summer tournament held in Tokyo in May this year.
In total, the Georgian sumo wrestler has earned 553 602 GEL during the Nagoya Basho. Most of his earnings will be spent on commissions and his training in the Kasugano stable. The injury is not serious and Tochinoshin hopes to come back on the next tournaments.

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